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I was born in the time when B&W photos were IN.
It was in Finland, which explains why most of you think my name sounds funny.
My father had a greenhouse business near Helsinki, where I had to get my hands dirty,and where I got to be close to the nature physically and mentally.
I spent 20 years in the Silicon Valley, where I learned to love what technology can do for you.
At that time I bought my first digital camera (1998) Agfa ephoto 1280 Max resolution 1024 x 768 or 0.8 mega pixels.
I also bought Mimaki 50 in 6 color pigment ink printer.
Now I live in the Gold country ,foothills of Sacramento California where we have some beautiful landscapes..
I enjoy traveling ,taking pictures of landscapes , nature and all kind of sports.
In the following pages you will find some of these photos I have taken in my travels.
I hope you enjoy them and also I hope you will buy a lot of them.
I print big pictures for my fellow photographers or anybody who needs high quality big print made.
My e-mail is

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